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Autocorrect Anarchy – The funniest text message mishaps ever!

“Autocorrect” fixes our mistakes and spelling, and makes our texts look perfect, when it works! However, anyone who has ever owned a cell phone, especially one with a touch screen where you can’t feel any buttons as you type, would know that this isn’t always the case. Whether it involves accidentally flirting with someone, swearing at them, or horrifying them with bad news that never happened, there are many stories that go around detailing the hilarity that follows an “autocorrect” mishap. Included in this book are some of the best recently posted around the Internet. Enjoy them! Have a laugh, or many, and share them with your friends and family. Note that many of them may not be suitable for minors!

This book contains over 100 of the best autocorrect stories you can find on the Internet, formatted as text to work on a wide variety of eReaders for easier reading!


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